How to create fast, delicious, and healthy meals – plus a free meal plan :)

Often I will post a picture in our members area with one of my latest meal creations.  Something like this one…


When I post these pictures, I always get asked the question…

How are you so creative with your food?  How do you know what to combine and make it taste that good?

So, I wanted to share a couple of ground rule tips that have been extremely helpful as I create in the kitchen.  I want you to have fun, feel free, and get creative with the healthy food that you have in your kitchen. This creativity truly is a skill that helps you crave eating healthy as a “lifestyle” versus “I should eat like that”. I would like to take you away from the should world and lead you towards the want and natural world. Let’s make this natural and desirable.

Below I have listed the ground rules when creating dishes for yourself and potentially your family and friends.

1. Chill girl, don’t think you HAVE to follow a recipe

2. Buy as many fresh items as possible when grocery shopping

3. Buy and use as much RAW food possible (veggies, fruit, seeds)

4. Chop vegetables and keep them in glass containers for easy access

5. Optimal meal combining for satiety and fat loss includes:

-fresh vegetables

-digestible carbohydrate (moderate amount of starch or fruit)

-lean protein (optional if vegan)

– small amount of healthy fats

6. Be aware and respectful of foods that you are not digesting well (dairy, grains, beans, too much fat, and protein powders that don’t jive with your tummy). Find other items that will replace these items.

7. Create an outline of meals that would be optimal for you.  Ask yourself the right questions as you create this meal plan such as:

-Will this satisfy my stomach, energy levels, and personal taste satisfaction.

8. Eat according to your overall vision of your body-mind-soul connection.

Example: It is 3pm and you are craving red vines. You recognize that sugar makes you feel “off” and cranky towards others including yourself. Remembering your overall WHY according to your body and life will aid in decision making:)

9. Remembering the healthier you feel on the inside, it shows and reflects on the outside. This inside-outside combo is much more influential that you may think. Eating 1 clean and fresh meal truly can change more than imagined.

10. Eat for how lean you want your stomach to feel the next morning.

11. Have a final ending time for the day. Possibly consider setting 3 meal times that are consistently eaten at the same time daily. Consistency equals good habit building

12. Don’t wig out if you happen to alter your dinner. Some women think it is exhausting to alter their personal meal around their families menu. Use your cute brain, think fast, think of what you can make out of the main dish. We are all individuals with different needs and wants, remember that as you go to eat or serve other little kiddos in your family. I have personally timed my dinner making and there truly is no difference in 4 different meals made out of similar ingredients versus 1 main meal for everyone. Listen to your body and be smart with what you put in that cute little mouth:)


Pick ONE of these steps/tips and start incorporating them ONE at a time, week by week, day by day, and meal by meal.

So pick one….get started, and let me know your new aha moments with creating beautiful meals full of pure nutrition.



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  • Jenni

    Reply Reply April 22, 2013

    Great post love! I used to get caught in the “I need to follow the recipe” trap myself. Then the more I made healthy food the more I realized that as long as its fresh I can probably make it not suck on my own lol. That’s when making food got fun! Thank you for all the great tips! <3

  • Jessica

    Reply Reply September 4, 2013

    This is great! I’m getting better at this, but I am SOOO excited for your new program to come out with all of this information! You are amazing, thanks!

  • BennyF

    Reply Reply November 5, 2013

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