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I read a quote that spoke directly to me today. It said:

“Don’t wait until you are ready to take action, instead take action to be ready.” -Jensen Siaw

Thinking and planning are so very important, we know this! Starting a journey with the right approach and attitude makes a world of difference in the results that are achieved and the sustainability of those results. The trick is to take immediate action right along with all of that thinking and planning.

Action can be put off until we are a little closer to getting things figured out, but then we will be playing a constant waiting game. There is no waiting in SHIFT! This does not mean we can get impatient with ourselves, but in taking action we will see immediate payoffs.

It is okay to move forward without having all of the answers! As progression happens those answers will begin to surface and become more clear. Our head, heart, and body, can all move toward the same goal: being at peace.

Wouldn’t it be peaceful to always be “ready”? Ready for whatever life has in store for us. Something as simple as a picture with friends, a hike with the family, a swim at the lake, just feeling comfortable putting on our jeans. Comfortable in our own skin… yes…that.

Being “ready “could also mean being confident in taking on new and exciting challenges, something that pushes beyond the current threshold. Imagine the self discovery that occurs in setting and working towards a goal that would have never been thought possible a year ago.

For sure make it a priority to workup a personal blueprint. It is crucial to know the ultimate goal that is being worked towards, and why that ultimate goal is so darn important. Then commit right this minute on what action needs to happen NOW and follow through.

There you have it.

Creating momentum that inspires the next positive action.

We are on our way gals!


Much love,

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Steph Hurd

The SHIFT Team

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  • SHIFT Team

    Reply Reply September 23, 2013

    Steph, love your post. “Tomorrow” really doesn’t ever come if you don’t take action now! Love it! -Brent

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