Living on the Edge


Do you resist sticking to meal plan? Do you get nauseated when everyone woman on the block is saying I eat the “clean” diet ….or I truly stick to my plan to the “T”.
Its understandable that this clean eating 5 year hype can get old. Specifically if you feel that resistance and even with a couple of clean eating weeks, it still just didn’t do it for you. When there is so much of one thing out there, it can get overwhelming and just flat out annoying.
I get it…this is how I felt. I was so over taken by my meal plan and it ruled my life. At least that is what I thought…..I had so many voices around me stating I was too strict, too obsessive, and I needed to cut the discipline junk. After 3 years I gave in, I listened to their voices and I believed them. I finally wanted to live this so called balanced life by just eating whatever in a somewhat healthy manner?
What did it do for me? To be honest…..NOTHING but frustration. Yet I need to throw in it was great to have an experience that others have had out there. But to be honest, my blood sugar levels became erratic, I felt more “off”, and I just didn’t feel “me”. I recognized that my approach wasn’t wrong. I wasn’t wrong, and how important it is to OWN what works for you. If you know something works…keep going and remember that YOUR voice is beautiful and right.
The point I am trying to make here is, listen to your body, listen to your personal messages about your body. If you know sugar doesn’t work….don’t have it. Even if everyone at the party is eating it, if it doesn’t work for you-IT DOES NOT WORK! I have 4 question below to help you know what is right for your body and if you want to incorporate it for the next 5+ years. Play along with me and live on the edge if you need to, get it out of your system, and then come back to your personal wellness voice. You know what works for your hot bod, so don’t stop my beautiful friend.
Question ONE:
1. What ONE habit if I stopped for the next 5+ years would help me drop 10+lbs?
2. Does this habit TRULY bring me more joy than pain? Or does it bring me more pain?
3. Is it NECESSARY that I have this one tiny habit in my life? Does it serve me?
4. How will I break this habit? Who will help me? And what is my buffer time to eliminate this from my life?
Have a beautiful week by treating yourself with your own “edge” and living up to your personal body messages. We have an inner voice for a reason, so listen to her….she is intelligent and last but not least, she is BEAUTIFUL!
Kristi Attaway
Shift Team

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