A Secret of Change

How would the person...

In order to be the person you want to become you wake up each day and consistently live the way that person would live. You base your choices and decisions not on habit or impulse, but instead, tapping into your personal awareness and utilizing that brief moment before a decision is made to make sure your actions are in line with the desired pattern of someone who has successfully achieved what you are working toward achieving.

The person you want to be should ultimately be the best version of yourself, but in order to obtain that goal, look at those you admire, or just a generalized vision of a type of person based on your focus area, for example, a woman of strength, a woman living in her ideal body, a successful company owner, a patient mother. Your focus could even be as specific as an attribute you are working towards that you see others possess at a level you strive to reach, such as charity, love, determination, contentment, courage, frugality.

Ask yourself the above question until it becomes  the determining factor in everything you do. You have laid your goals out before you so you know what it is you want, and it is easy to find someone we would like to emulate in any given area to help us get to this higher ground.

The SHIFT program provides Member Success Interviews in order for members to learn from one another’s successes, triumphs, challenges and even failures. This is an extremely valuable tool that allows each individual to take away something worth while that could be unique to them based on their journey and life experiences. The key is to always value what others have been through as well and let them be an aid and a guide.

Much  love,


Steph Hurd

The SHIFT Team


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  • Kristi

    Reply Reply October 15, 2013

    INCREDIBLE blog post!!
    Love your insight and perspective you bring to the SHIFT world:)

  • Jessica Adlard

    Reply Reply October 28, 2013

    Love that quote! I’m going to hang it on my fridge! Thanks Steph!

  • Jasemin

    Reply Reply December 28, 2016

    pisze:DziÅ› kolega z Bangkoku napisaÅ‚ mi w mailu: “do zobaczenia za tydzieÅ„”. ZostaÅ‚ tylko tydzieÅ„, a tyle jeszcze do zawi#tÅien‚a&a8230; Ale z drugiej strony już siÄ™ nie mogÄ™ doczekać! DziÄ™kujÄ™ ciociu, że tu jesteÅ› i obiecujÄ™ same fajne opowieÅ›ci

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