SHIFT Holiday Challenge


What would you give to feel at least 30% leaner by Christmas morning?

What an ultimate Christmas present to wake up looking down and loving your legs :)!!

Guess what… have 8 weeks till Christmas and those legs and power core are craving to be with and of you! You deserve to feel like a hot holiday present……. Yep, you deserve to feel yummy!!

Join with the SHIFT team on throwing out all UN-necessary patterns, emotions, and even certain individuals that “trigger” you and send you in to what we call the weight loss chaos cycle.
Why not fight and live for personal happiness around the Holidays?

WHY??? Because everyone else around you will crave and love your energy. People gravitate towards positive and uplifting auras and attitudes. And this is what we want during the holidays…. We want good conversations that involve laughter, smiles, and unconditional LOVE.

Trust me on this philosophy, I have worked with women for years and I get completely floored during the holiday season on how women start reacting to the chaos that occurs during the holidays.

Let me give you two examples example number one is Ann. Ann completely has a belief  that working out, going to bed early, and saying “NO” to every cookie plate that gets delivered to the home during the holidays flat out selfish. This idea of taking wise wisdom and caring for herself is not even an option. This would propose to her friends and family members that she doesn’t care and it would hurt their feelings if she said no to cookies or headed off to the gym before anyone was even awake.

Let me tell you what happens to Ann on January 1. Ann wakes up in the morning and experiences a complete crisis. She questions ” what have I done to myself.” “What just happened? I better get my butt on a diet.” Ann has just experienced what I call weight loss chaos. The question is….did anyone even benefit from what Ann “on demand” accomplished during the holidays. OR- is Ann’s internal frustration going to wear off and confuse the rest of her friends and family members.

I know this story may sound extreme, but sometimes we have to go to the extreme to find who we really want to be.

My next example, is a SHIFT gal. She has sets goals, believes in herself, does not compare herself to others, and is ready to feel light and lifted throughout the holidays.

She recognizes that the approach is everything. She writes down her beliefs and reasons behind them. As she is writing, she recognizes that she has what is called a false negative belief. If she would not have made the effort to fully understand what she was actually allowing herself to believe prior to the holiday season, she would have been in a big ball of mess on January 1. This Shift Gal, takes time to write, yes with a pencil and paper, out her thoughts & feelings of how she is going to contact her emotion, schedule, sleep, and wise food choices.

She recognizes the little things that hold her back, such as:

1. Guilt of who knows what? Leaving the party early, yet she got plenty of chatting tone in

2. Stuffing a cookie in her mouth JUST so her mom won’t ask what diet she’s on

3. Eating the funny cheese ball dip just because the famous cook in the neighborhood delivered it.

She sets goals and recognized that she really can do without those silly things that seem so important in the moment!!

She knows how important it is to carry water, extra gym clothes/shoes, and a healthy snack for the random errands that she will be running. She plans yet doesn’t freak if she doesn’t check every box off the list. She knows how powerful emotions and mentality can be in the moment of things aren’t really going her way. Words are powerful and the day is good regardless, due to the inner self dialogue that occurs. Life is good, she thrives instead of “survives” and results constantly come her way! She is a creator and she loves the holiday season. 🙂

Join in by re-writing your story for this holiday season!! Comment below and let us know how this challenge will be the ticket to changing your holiday season from weight loss chaos to pure unconditional love for yourself!

Happy holidays and your challenge starts with these steps:

1. Take the holiday survey

Click on the link below:
2. Re-write your story
3. Make your plan
4. Sign it and start NOW to accomplish your goals for the next 8-10 weeks.
5. Take a before measurement (pic, scale , inner self aura check, or tape measurement).
6. Post your progress daily, weekly, or whenever feels best via blog ABD Facebook (shift fan page)
7. On your marks… Get set… SHIFT!

Can’t wait to see and hear all about your results!




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  • Nichole Smith

    Reply Reply October 31, 2013

    I SO believe in this!!! Thanks Kristi!!!

  • Jessica

    Reply Reply October 31, 2013

    I am totally in!! Thanks Kristi, I love a good challenge! 🙂 I love that it is all about feeling good and making goals that will help me feel good in January!

    • kristi

      Reply Reply November 12, 2013

      Jess and Nichole! I am so proud of your SHIFTING this past year! There is so much more to come:) Thank you for widening your perspective, sometimes that can be scary and feel intimidating-yet it empowers the soul and other women. We are going to have an incredible 2014..and way to prepare yourself before.


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