What would happen to your body if you took a SHIFT on how you perceived the Holiday Season?

What would happen to your body if you took a SHIFT on how you perceived the Holiday Season?

Have you ever thought about how the beliefs on food, time, exercise, and what we “should” do during the Holidays are the CHUNK of what stalls us from reaching our goals in our body and life?

I am here to promote and reinforce that keeping it SIMPLE and SMART with your beliefs regarding food and exercise around the holidays.

Take a SHIFT with me and let’s keep it simple and you will see how you may not only maintain your weight around the Holidays but you may even DROP weight…..I double dare you take this approach of simplicity. But, be aware that the side effects include: relaxed, happy, and in awe that things are going great and you really aren’t doing 25 things on your “to do” list each day.

So here is the simplicity check list that will help you keep your life actually happy and confident during the holidays. Just start with this simple check list during November, and then we will welcome December on when it comes.

[ ]SLEEP! Please sleep 7-9 hrs per night. Late night party dates,
please plan a 15 min nap around 2pm (even if you just lay down
and listen to relaxing music. This will benefit everyone around

[ ] WATER! Remember it is a very kind service to your body to
constantly keep it flushing like a waterfall. Your mood, weight
energy, and clarity benefits enormously from this service.

[ ] PLAN your treats. YES, you deserve a treat. Be smart and
respectful to your body. The dialogue of “I love treats that are
decadent and beautiful to my body, not too much, not too little
just right in the middle”.

[ ] EXERCISE. Another beautiful service to yourself during the
holidays is to sweat, sweat a good one for me baby.

[ ] DON’T BE AFRAID to not eat what everyone else around you
is consuming. Be a people watcher and full of gratitude that you
are able to be around others for connection. Keep a tea cup in
hand or something that keeps your mind focused towards
connection versus eating. This is never as bad as you think
it will be.

Test this out, and join in on the conversation below on your personal tips and tricks that keep you motivated, energized, and happy during the holidays. Even if your tips don’t have anything to do with food or exercise….any tip will help another women out there that is wanting to create a life that is fun and fulfilled.

Next video….Any questions will be answered via video, so don’t be afraid to ask anything and everything. Comment below for info that you are wanting to hear.


Kristi Attaway

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  • Kay Merkley

    Reply Reply November 22, 2013

    Great tips! Thank you.

    • Lisa

      Reply Reply December 28, 2016

      Dear Mr Avery and Mrs Yoh,lslTiis is Tia from 3/4G.Happy birthday Mrs Yollis!Your class blog inspires my class loads!Hope you have a great day,Love Tia and 3/4G

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