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I love suggesting books to clients at different phases of their weight loss journey. Having different voices and words can be just the right insert to help a woman succeed. There is one author that always hits the sweet spot for each of my clients, this specific author is by far the FIRST and at the TOP of my list for book suggestions. So regardless of where you are in your life journey…weight loss, self love, attracting abundance, understanding the laws of the Universe, yoga journey, addiction, divorce, child drama, aging, sickness, a gym rat..…you name it, this author, Marrianne Williamson, will hit your sweet spot!

Each book suggestion to my clients is always returned with enormous gratitude and dramatic change in their life.  Marrianne Williamson touches your heart in ways that you feel as if you are listening to the most Heavenly angel from above. It isn’t fluff stuff like you should and deserve to feel “good”…..treat your body top priority and your life will get better junk. Her words are so meaningful and bring out the woman in you! She sustains you as a woman, she validates you as a woman, she loves you how a woman loves to be loved, she brings out your highest self confidence, and re-establishes your personal rights as a goddess here on earth!

I had a past client talk to me the other day about feeling “crazy”, horrible self thoughts, feeling out of control, no balance, horrible mother, and just all over the place. I listened and listened, still listening to her. I understand that expression is part of the journey and then the more you hear yourself “out loud” then some type of action will take place. This is just one way of how our souls react to pain. Pain is a choice and then there is always a re-action to this perception. This is all part of personal alignment, no good or bad, just an experience. My suggestion to her was: Get a sitter, check out 1-2 of Marrianne’s books, and read, meditate, pray, write, and begin your personal journey towards self love. When we are feeling “crazy” the last thing we want to do is read…I get that, but at least buy the books on and listen as you walk out the crazy’s:)

Marrianne’s big theme in all of her books is SELF LOVE! Did you know that self love is an actual practice? Yep it is harder than those cross fit classes. When I work with women, it is almost like they don’t even get it….get it that loving themselves is basically a requirement when it comes to being happy. I had a darling client last year that didn’t even recognize that loving herself was an option. It was too selfish, and to sit and work on herself would seriously be a sin. Then she started to recognize that this non loving relationship with herself started to be toxic, her daughter was picking up on it, and her husband was constantly questioning her about this negativity towards herself. Once she had the “aha” moment, she jumped on board, started reading, listening, and the benefits started to manifest in her life, such as: her body started to tone up, her marriage was filled with true unconditional love, her relationships with her children were no longer “games”, they transitioned towards healthy 1:1 relationships, the way she perceived herself in the mirror actually had components of deep self love that resulted in a gal that worked off of: If I do this, then I will get that……to regardless what I do, I am grateful for being ME, and I choose what I want to think about me. Such a beautiful SHIFT that I was able to witness in a matter of 6 months. Jill, I am speaking to you when I write this, and if you are listening…I am so proud of you for taking this jump!

I just finished listening to Marrianne’s book, A course in Weight Loss, this AM during my cardio session. I wanted to suggest it to you for these TOP 5 reasons! Watch out…a miracle might take place.

1. Needing to get rid of bad emotions about yourself regarding the past, not being good enough, not feeling like you reached your goals…and the blah blah that we do to ourselves. Listen to her book and it may cause a miracle:)

2. You need to drop weight and not feel like you are on a DIE-T….cuz you will die on that DIE-T. She will help you look at food from the divine feminine creating respect and dedication your YOU!

3. You have a true food addiction, or even just phases of being addicted to food. Her words and assignments help you remove the replacement theory that our brains create. Shifting replacement to removal and re-invent a new you.

4. You need a woman that is like minded to listen to. A woman that will tell you your true story until you begin to tell it to yourself. She is a great “starter” to your inner melody.

5. Last but not least….listen to RE-INVENT yourself. I love feeling like a new me everyday, feeling like I can add on to my view of life, change my perception, and dive deeper towards knowing myself better and better. Laughing in the moments of mess-up and letting it GO…no thoughts of what I should’ve done…..remember, we “should” all over ourselves all day long.

Don’t wait to hear her words! You can find her books at your local library or check out A Course in weight loss right HERE.

Love you guys. Please join in on the conversation BELOW by commenting on your experience with Marrianne’s books. What has intrigued you to purchase or check out one of her books, or just comment because I want to know who you are:)

Have a beautiful week, and know that YOU deserve to LOVE yourself!

Kristi Attaway



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  • Jessica

    Reply Reply January 9, 2014

    Oh….I LOVE Marianne Williamson books! I loved A Return to Love and have given it as a gift. I need to read this one. Thank you for the amazing suggestion. Unconditional love is not my strength but in A Return to Love it helped me to understand and know how/where to begin. I need to read it again and again.

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