5 Things That Will Pay Off For Your Body in 2014

2014-Happy-New-Year1Happy New Year girl!

It is 2014, and all of us are in different spots, yet it’s inevitable that we all want to feel good in our mind, body, and soul! I have worked with beautiful women this year and I want to compliment them on all of the amazing changes that I have seen in them!

As I look at the new year, I thought about what things would I do different if I was able to start 2013 over?

Now, I definitely don’t believe in start overs, but I do like to just think about what I would do differently just so I can slightly TWEAK my approach this year so that my personal energy can create the desires that are deeply wished. I know we are all like minded women and know that you probably agree on my tweaks. So here it goes…let’s put dedication towards the 5 things that we KNOW count, add up, and pay off!

1. SLEEP… committing to having sleep as a MUST not just a HOPE. Making it something that you and your family value versus an annoyance. The benefits of CONSISTENT SLEEP will create amazing benefits in all areas of life including: body, mood, clarity, relationships etc.

2. ATTITUDE… refuse any flips, funks, and decreased self belief regardless of what is going on in your environment. Being strong in moments that feel like complete CHAOS, even with the ones that you love and care deeply about. Don’t let your goals get defeated due to chaos.

3. WORRY… worry is also a code name for FEAR! Don’t worry if you have the right “plan” lifting schedule, too much cardio, too little. Just keep going and eventually WITHOUT the worry, your optimal plan is attracted to you perfectly and set in stone. Stay confident that YOU are smart enough to know what does or doesn’t work for you. Others plans and results cannot determine what you choose for yourself!

4. CONSISTENT training! Make it a MUST to move your body daily. Even when you are tired…move, break a sweat, and know that the act of having a
“break thru” will manifest in all areas of life!

5. LOVE… consistently love yourself. One of my mentors suggested to me, “Do not accept anything but a vision, view, and feeling of being your own superhero” only accept complete rock-star feelings about yourself”. I can promise you that this approach of unconditional love for yourself is a LARGE value to yourself and others around you!

So…what are you going to do this year in 2014?

Join in on the conversation BELOW and tell us what will be different about you and your life in 2014?

Love each of you, and Happy new year!


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  • Jessica

    Reply Reply January 9, 2014

    I love this Kristi! thanks for the reminder! Those basics are so important for all of us and I forget them regularly. 🙂 Grateful for every opportunity to be reminded!

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