Oprah and her wagon of fat!

Imagine LOSING THIS MUCH FAT off your body! (fast forward to minute 1:52)

Imagine actually pulling a wagon of fat that you used to carry on your body?

I ran across this the other day and just had to share because it’s so darn amazing on how much FAT any one person can have and how much it slows them down (and I partly because I love Oprah and remember this episode vividly)

I’m betting many of my gals out there have lost something similar or more than this and didn’t realize what it looks like (however, they used a much more sustainable way of doing it 🙂 )

… imagine if you lost this and then KEPT IT OFF and looked back years later? Holy smokes… what a feeling right!  That’s what makes you feel confident, sexy, energized, accomplished, and just flat out on top of the world!

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