Two biggest overlooked factors in Body Transformation for Women

Just a few weeks back, I sent out a survey to the SHIFT community and one of the main questions I asked was…

“What Is Your Biggest Block from getting the body you want?”

Do you want to know the TWO answers that 87% of women gave me?
(I’ll give you a hint.. I wasn’t a lack of nutrition, meal plans, or emotional eating)

In this video I tell you exactly what they are and show you how one of my clients used the REVERSE of these two things to completely transform her body in just 10 weeks, watch it now:



BTW, I just opened up enrollment to my brand new program called BodySHIFT Academy. It’s for 50 women who want to be coached through the exact steps to create their best body without overwhelm and with tons of motivation and accountability to keep them rockin towards their dream body. You can check out all the details here:

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