Shannon’s Amazing Body Transformation

QUESTION for YOU……do you ever wonder why you are so motivated to start working out, eat healthy and then five days later that motivation is gone?

Today I want to highlight a client that I am currently working with and just recently finished our SHIFT 10-wk TOTAL TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE.

This awesome gal approached me with valid emotions that commonly run around when it comes to just the simple desire of IMPROVEMENT. I like to call this mind marathon as “erratic motivation”. Meaning, our motivation is high on one day and completely LOST the next. My client, Shannon, definitely experienced “erratic motivation” on a week to week basis. See if you can relate here……When I first spoke with her, she had valid questions such as:

-Am I going to get too obsessed, I don’t want to look and feel EXTREME

-WHY am I even doing this? Will it really even pay off?

-HOW will I go out to eat with friends, go on trips, and head out on date night with my hub?

-I feel okay, I’m not EXTREMELY overweight…so I “should” feel good and be okay with myself.

I loved her openness with me from the very beginning. Very honest, yet also admitting she was stubborn and not completely sure if what she thoughts was ahead of her was even worth all of the work.

I smiled and completely understood her current reality. As a coach, this is where I get excited, I see straight down the path, and I get lost in the belief and excitement. BUT I also slow down, and recognize ONE THING AT A TIME…ONE HABIT…and starting with the approach of quality over quantity pays off immensely in all aspect of body and life.

I want to share a bit about Shannon’s journey with you today. I will share with you where she is now, and how she is creating every step of her life in front of her that is leading to that everlasting change. You may find that those questions she had from the beginning where naturally solved by her just facing fear and showing up in life to be a better version of herself. You see, these comments above such as:

“WHY am I even doing this, will this really even pay off?”

They are great mind distractions to get us from STARTING. Sometimes we hover over the idea and thought of changing, we guard ourselves from being better, because we are afraid to know the best part of us? WHY, why would we be afraid to know the best version of ourselves? Are we afraid that there is nothing else after that? Are we afraid that it is too hard to maintain something so good? Are you afraid of getting something and then it leaves?

All of these little “afraid” moments are COMPLETELY natural to come across us during decisions and thinking about change.

BUT, if we choose to never know them, we choose to not know what life is like when we step it up. I can promise you as a body and life transformation expert that finding this in your life is such a beautiful and peaceful way to live. When I watch a woman face fear, they change not only their body, they change their LIFE. The quality of friendships is different, they change the way they look at their kids, they change how they are a lover for their man, they CHANGE…and that change lasts because ooooooohhhh it feels so good! Turning back is not even an OPTION due to the experiences that you have had by dancing with fear.

Now…some have the question of: well this sounds nice n peachy, but really…give me the REALITY here, is it too hard to maintain? Is it too hard to keep? Great questions, and thru reading her experience below you may find the answer to that question for yourself. I know that you are still reading for a reason. You are searching, you are needing something different, you want to feel better, you want to look better, you want to love to the depth that you know others around you deserve. I know that you will find what you are needing in your life and hope that a touch of this story will inspire you today.

Shannon’s transformation was so amazing to coach from beginning to end (yet there is never an end when it comes to SHIFTING….clients seek reinventing and the results that come from this compound shifting affect include: loss of body fat, life change, muscles, booty’s, LEGS, happy happy shining smiles and SKIN).

Check out her transformation below…this transformation all started with HER taking the belief that she CAN face her fear, she CAN change, and SHE can have this beautiful body and life for the rest of her life!
Shannon Walker_super ripped

Shannon’s comments started like this:

“I know I can do it…but I don’t believe that I can maintain it”

“I know I can stick to food, but I want to LIKE my food”

“ I love to workout, but I want to see the benefits in my muscles”

“I don’t want to get bulky, I am afraid to build muscle yet I know it is effective for my metabolism”

“I can drop weight on the top….but the bottoms stays as is”

“I don’t want my family to think I am obsessed just so I can fit in to some jeans”

After 10 weeks Shannon’s comments SHIFTED to this:

“I have no idea what happened, but all I know is I feel AMAZING and there is no way I could even imagine myself going back, I don’t even know what BACK is”

“I love having a plan and I LOVE being in control of what I chose to put in to my mouth…and oh it tastes so good”

“I CRAVE to hit my crossfit workouts now because I am RXing all of them (prescribed weight) and I am rocking it in my workouts”

“I am seeing LEAN LONG muscles in my body when I was so afraid to actually build muscle, I love my muscles and would never want it any other way”

“I am in love with my new lean look in my body, I recognize that building muscle does not need to be a BULKY can be long, lean, toned, and lifted”

“I never ever imagined my legs leaning out how they are now….I NEVER thought my legs would slim down. I am so surprised every time I look down and I recognize they are MY LEGS”

“My family, specifically my husband, recognizes how amazing I feel and they are so encouraging of my lifestyle. Even my husband made this comment: “I don’t think you looked this great on our honeymoon”

WOW….the SHIFT in her thinking, the SHIFT in her life. It all started with the initial comments….Is this really going to pay off? I can PROMISE you that just FACING your fear will be the best day of your life. Face it STRAIGHT ON…FACE IT, ALLOW IT, ACCEPT IT, EMBRACE IT, and you will see that the ONE fear you FEAR…is your secret to the most amazing life ahead of you.

TODAY…I challenge and encourage you to face your fear. Face one of those questions above that Shannon had from the beginning. Even if it feels small, if it is holding you back, bring it in to your life to figure it out. I know that YOU, the woman that YOU are, you will find the right people, tools, and possibly even programs that will cheer you on, show you the way, and create a path for you to SHIFT fear towards an everlasting love affair. A complete WIN WIN will be created.

Please join in on the conversation below on how YOU are going to face fear, SHIFT, and change the ONE major component that is holding you back from living your life that you KNOW you deserve to live!

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Kristi Attaway

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