Angie’s Progress! 10 wk BODYSHIFT Challenge


10-wk challenge PROGRESS Updates!


I love the 1:1 and group work that I’m able to experience with the women in The SHIFT 10-wk  total transformation challenge!!

I want to  share consistent updates that I get to witness each week in these amazing women! What you are about to see is just the FIRST week of change. It truly is amazing what we can manifest in our bodies and lives…in just ONE week. I want to give these updates to my crowd as often as possible so that you can watch what happens on the other side of the fence when you CHOOSE to change. When you BELIEVE…when you just take that first step! Tears come to my eyes as I write about these MASSIVE changes you are about to see and hear about below!

Today I want to highlight ANGIE! To help you understand Angie’s world …. Read below and find out how her beliefs are changing, and how these subtle shifts are massively changing her body!


I can stick to it, but what do I do after?

-I feel happy just being “okay” in my body, yet I know I can improve.

-Why do I harm my body when I have it pretty good in my life?

-I just want to know I can “maintain” this lifestyle after the 10 wks is done… I almost don’t want to start this journey that I know is so needed due to the knowledge of I may ruin all the hard work and personal effort I put into me. This reinforces that failure is true, and I don’t want that to be true.


ANGIE’S  SUBTLE SHIFT IN JUST 1 WEEK !!! You will read her statements that I’ve been able to capture along the way… as you read, as you embrace her change, hold space for her and what she can accomplish in the next 9 weeks to set her up to WIN..WIN WIN WIN in her body and life!

-MASSIVE drops in scale weight, body fat, and inches all over her body (no top to bottom work-evenly distributed weight loss).

-“I am happier than I have been in a LONG TIME”!

-“My biggest aha moment today was being amazed by my own body. It’s amazing how much you can change in a week”.

-“What makes us make that SHIFT finally? When we feel so much better taking care of our bodies and souls? Why do we fight it? Crazy”!


Check out her gorgeous pictures…again, this is just a ONE week update! Be sure to stay connected with her progress here in SHIFT land.


Angie 1












angie 2












I want you to recognize that we wouldn’t expect in one week for Angie to immediately say-okay, I have it… I’m good, this is my life, I’m great to go!

But you can see the small subtle shifts in her body and mind are STRONG, yet simple. It’s the small and subtle shifts that are setting her life up to WIN… And she so deserves to WIN in her life!

One week of focused yet subtle shifts will truly create a TEN WEEK MIRACLE! I am so excited to coach her heading in to these next 9 weeks!

She’s starting to find awareness, gratitude, results, and emotions with a theme : “Why would I ever fight myself on personal
Improvement, it is GO TIME!” 

So… My question for YOU, yes…I called out to YOU,  is this:

? WHY….WHY are YOU in a fight with your personal potential?

WHY are you nervous and or scared to get to know yourself? Cuz just so ya know, YOU are pretty awesome!

Simmer on this question,  and join in on the conversation below:

WHY do you hesitate?  Or are you possibly paralyzed in the process of massively changing your body and life?

WHY doll, why? I want to know…and I think you may want to also.

Chat below-Kristi

P.s…..If YOU are wanting to make MASSIVE change, get MASSIVE results, and reinvent your approach within your body, please click CHANGE NOW and let’s see if you are a good fit for SHIFTING!

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