Hailie’s Progress! 10-wk Bodyshift Total Transformation Challenge

HAILIE’S 4 week progress!


Another AMAZING client doing her thing! Progress, happiness, success, results, inner belief, ups-downs, and all-arounds. Hailie has definitely created a beautiful pattern of grounding back to the power of home base and reaching personal potential in her body and life!

I love sharing Hailie’s story because it is so raw, real, and right up the alley of TRUTH! This goddess is opening up more and more to her personal potential.  In five weeks her body fat has MASSIVELY decreased,  resulting in this picture you see below.

HailieI am so proud of Hailie. This girl knows her potential and recognizes she wants this for LIFE, not just for 10-weeks. This is why I love what I do, I love seeing women change for LIFE,  not just a small period of time.  I love watching women SHIFT their patterns, beliefs, self-worth, and watch their visions turn into their daily reality.

Let me help you understand Hailie’s world, and what she has personally committed towards to create the changes you see above in her hot bod:

1. SHIFT and RID patterns that have blocked her from her true potential

2. Assess her inner beliefs such as: “Do I deserve this”, “Am I enough”, and talking with the negative chatter that occurs in her brain/body. She is shifting all of her personal data towards EMPOWERING beliefs and EMPOWERING self talk.

3. Hailie got CLEAR on exactly what she wanted in her body and life. She set her vision HIGH with what she truly wanted in her body.

4. Hailie recognized that there were things in her life that needed to change, shift, and reinvent to make this process everlasting versus just the 10-wks.

5. Hailie’s most powerful tool has been ACCOUNTABILITY. Like the rest of us, she knows what she “should” do. She is very intelligent regarding health, fitness, and the mind-body connection.  Hailie was smart enough to reach out and state: “I need help, accountability, and I want to share my journey with others along the way to help me reach my full potential”.

6. Hailie values checking in with her coach (me). She tracks her progress with these tools: selfies, measurements, staying active in her accountability group, and documenting her progress by journaling. Her WHY  is so strong that she is able to shift the way she looks at pain, frustration, and so called “bad days”.  She has taken on the powerful shift of treating, and looking at her life in a completely different view.  By default, her body is looking amazingly different!

Stay tune, and keep watching for updates on Hailie and her progress towards personal mastery. Cheer this girl on, comment and join in on the conversation BELOW!

My question for YOU is this…if YOU want a change, if you want MASSIVE results in your body and life, I suggest you go for it girl! Whether it is just taking ONE step and drinking more water, staying free from sugar, or just getting more sleep…GO FOR IT! You deserve to feel good, be happy, and feel sexy in your skin.

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