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This 4 step process is best accomplished 3-7 days apart. The most important step is step 1, VISION. Most jump to step 2 and 3 before even assessing step one, which is where we tend to go WRONG! This is definitely the perfect recipe for a 4 week plan versus an EVERLASTING plan. Ask yourself this question: Do you want results for 4 weeks? OR, do you want results for the rest of your life?

I love strategy, philosophy, systems, and authentic ways to run LIFE in a body! I thought I would share with you my 4 step approach that I utilize myself, and with my clients to help them reach their best body inside and out! Have fun with me as we build your personal plan that will give you results and a CLEAR focus every single day! I love mapping “stuff” out, getting clear in our heads and taking it a step further…..aligning our heads with our desires, so fun!

I am going to ask you questions, so get ready to write, chat,  dive “deep” within, and get clear with yourself. Here we go…………

STEP ONE: Girl, do you have a COMPELLING vision for your life? Do you have something you are reaching for that creates true GROWTH? If not, that is totally okay for right now…but for tomorrow? To be honest with you, NO, it is not okay. I HIGHLY suggest you create a compelling vision that will at least make you excited for your next workout, date, event, or your next birthday. Here are some ideas that will get you going towards your personal vision:

I am a woman that represents CLEAR energy. This energy is my life force that helps me feel love, see love, ignite personal and others potential.

I create this energy by respecting my body from the inside out on a hourly basis. I participate daily in motivating, active recovery, and consistent exercise that amplifies this beautiful energy within.

I am committed to myself. I am committed to show up each morning with a positive attitude towards what I can create each day. I participate in personal focused workouts that create better energy each day. This energy is with me throughout my day and spreads to others in my circle of influence. I am so grateful to be ME!

This is just a small chunk from a 10-wk challenge clients vision work. This part of her vision was just focused towards her inner energy. Your vision can be long, it can be simple and just represent WORDS such as this below:



So start creating a GOOD COMPELLING VISION! Your own authentic statement that you get excited to read each and every day. I encourage you to get started girl…DO NOT MOVE ON TO STEP TWO until you have completed this step!


Once your vision is written from your personal authenticity, a bi-product is you start to look for events/goals that help you GROW this vision. Example: You start wanting to participate in competitions, races, vacations, parties that require a stunning dress, sexy dates, yoga class, massage, meditation, playing the guitar, etc. You naturally set “goals” in place so that you really can live up to your personal vision.

I have lots of clients that start out their journey with “goals”…and that is a start, don’t get me wrong, having a goal is crucial. But let’s get real here…once you complete the race, the competition, wear the bikini, put on that tight hot dress….then what? What is after all of that? When we see an END to things, our motivation can be hard to sustain in our life. BUT, when you have a compelling vision that leads to everlasting GROWTH…and you give it a meaning, a reason that not only benefits YOU, but it benefits others then your motivation STAYS IN THE GAME! Your motivation is a no-brainer. This is when fitness, nutrition, and a positive attitude becomes a lifestyle versus just a “program” or 12 week journey. Your compelling vision NATURALLY requires you to attract goals that become the TOOLS to manifest your compelling vision. Do you see the difference here? Do you see the power in developing this vision and how the goals truly are just the tools and steps along the way. This truly is the coolest way to step in to a space of everlasting personal growth, and by default your personal growth is serving everyone around you!

So get started girl, get started on your authentic vision that truly creates FIRECRACKERS under your hot butt cheeks each morning for you to JUMP out of bed! I cannot wait to hear about your experience. This is such a needed yet connecting step to take towards creating your best self!

Luv ya girl!


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