MOM of 6 WOWSA Body Transformation!



MOM OF 6 KIDDOS..yep, I said SIX!


WOWSA…Everytime I look at this picture, I thank the higher power above for giving us bodies that CAN transform! I am so incredibly honored to be a part of this girls journey towards creating her best athletic and sexy self! I couldn’t be more grateful for attracting clients that WANT to believe in themselves and DO believe in their amazingness that they can create!

Let’s break this down….this cute girl you see above, this is how she saw life prior to SHIFTING:

  1.  6 kids
  2.  530am workouts (“get er done” attitude…before the hoodlums wake up)
  3. Athletic lifestyle growing up…..after kids her attitude in her body settled at:  “I will never have that athletic look that I did in my early years”  her self belief got thrown out the window after kids begun.
  4. She had a belief that “this is how it is, and at least I have my kids and that brings me happiness”
  5. She started to realize that she was NOT happy, and she didn’t like the reality that she was living in.
  6. She was confused in her body and assumed her thyroid and metabolism were sluggish.
  7. She tried lots of different methods to drop weight such as: group challenges, online forums, and different “cleanses/detoxes”.
  8. Here is the best part….she got so frustrated that she chose to REACH OUT..she chose to be vulnerable and state: “I have had it, I am ready for a lifestyle change”.

What this amazing women did was this….she acted upon the SMALL amount of faith and belief that she possibly could change and POSSIBLY find a better way of health and happiness in her life.

That is all it takes girls, that is ALL it takes! Just REACH out and know that hands down there is someone, something, some group, mentors and coaches that can help YOU!

Let’s be honest here. This SHIFT diva had all the same fears that each and everyone of us has or is experiencing:

-How am I going to afford this?

-I don’t know if this is the right timing, we are putting in a yard this year and I cannot justify working on ME when my kids need a yard to play in this Summer

-Is it REALISTIC to eat healthy all the time? What about birthday parties, date nights, and holidays? I don’t see that being a way of life.

-How is my husband going to respond to this? I will have to PROVE to him that I can do it, and then he will be on board.

-I don’t want my kids to think I am always on a “D-I-E-T”

-How can people really workout EVERYDAY?

-I already feel “okay” in my body, I SHOULD just be grateful for what I have.

These were all emotions that this gal felt herself. They all make sense…but do you want to know the cool thing? After just 6 weeks in to her amazing 1:1 transformation journey that I was able to mentor her thru, all of the above statements were completely transformed towards a much better way of life. Everything she was SCARED of actually turned into an opportunity and a better way of life for she and her entire fam bam! And let’s be honest…look at that hot booty she has going on, her husband can’t keep his hands off of her!

I understand that all of us have fears, but here are some tips so that your fears can be transformed into actual DREAMS..and YES they can be your current daily reality!


  1. GET REAL with your current reality. Be honest with yourself..not harsh, just HONEST!
  2. Be okay with where you are right now in this moment…even if your pants are tight, you are feeling discouraged, and you feel as if you are not getting results. BE OKAY and recognize that change CAN happen!
  3. REACH OUT to someone that cares…in fact, feel free to apply for a 1:1 strategy session with ME or one of my SHIFT coaches so that we can help you fine tune your current lifestyle so that you can start living in the body of your dreams. Apply here:  TRANSFORM
  4. Start with just ONE habit that can change your favorite one is WATER! Start with drinking 3-4 liters for 7 days straight.
  5. ASK Questions!!! Reach out by commenting below and know that SHIFT is always here. This is our PASSION, change and transformation.

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