IMG_6068SHIFT COACHES are on deck ready to announce our mission and share the five pillars we hold true to when helping a woman change her body and life.

Our mission: SHIFT Focuses on helping women from losing weight to winning in life!

We know that women want RESULTS! We are results driven yet we also recognize that if you only focus on the body…there is something missing when you get that “end” result. We honor that when the body starts to shift, other things in your life will shift as well. If you don’t keep up with all the other shifts, then it cannot and will not become a lifestyle. The “lack of”  will be recognized and whatever changes you are making will start to look obsessive, timely, and inconvenient. We as SHIFT coaches help you see the different shifting that is happening and help you honor, praise, and see the truth in all the change that is happening.

A perfect example of this is a current shift client. She is on her 15th week of SHIFT and she has dropped over 20lbs and has completely eliminated: sugar, alcohol, coffee, and mindless eating. She has gained lots of beautiful muscle and has dropped immense amounts of body fat.  In the meantime,  her family members may have had positive nutritional/exercise changes, and some have completely turned their faces to the idea of bettering their lifestyle. We as SHIFT coaches have helped her to NOT GIVE UP! How easy would it be to give up when no one else around you is doing the things you are doing, eating, and possibly even making snarky comments here and there regarding her new lifestyle. These are the little things that allow a “reason” to give up and say nope, this is not worth it.

We have worked with this client closely by helping her have love, space, and understanding for what everyone else around her is experiencing due to the changes she has incorporated. This has allowed her to understand others worlds, not get mad if others are not supporting her, and taking ownership in what she is choosing to do. She has found a way to be happy and not sit in a victim role that can be very easy to flip towards when bettering ourselves. Examples of this include: “I am trying my best yet no one is complimenting me or picking good choices around me, all they do is eat crappy food and influence me for the wrong”, OR “It just isn’t fair that everyone else can eat what they want, I have to sit here and eat my SHIFT food” (yet, let’s be honest, anyone feels 100% better when you are eating good yet that comment still comes out of peoples minds?).

These small examples are why SHIFT clients get EVERLASTING results versus temporary 5-10 wk results. The mindset shifts we take are priceless, something we truly cannot explain to the fullest until YOU have that experience yourself. We would be honored to coach you thru these experiences which now leads us to chatting about the FIVE PILLARS in SHIFT that change a body and life. These include:


1. VISION: Have a compelling and passionate vision that keeps you going and helps you recognize that what you are going for will allow you to grow, evolve, and improve!!

2. MINDSET: We believe in constantly SHIFTING your mindset. Your mind is a muscle just like the other amazing muscles you have on your body. Your mind deserves good workouts daily. Our mindset tools include: momentum calls, 1:1 calls, hot-seater interviews, meditation and journal writing suggestions from the SHIFT coaches. These are just a small glimpse of what we do in SHIFT to work the sexy beautiful mind we have all been given.

3. NUTRITION: We provide meal plans, grocery lists, and suggestions on how to incorporate this food with your families or loved ones. Nutrition habits are instilled prior to the workouts beginning and this order has created amazing success in each of our clients. Our nutrition philosophies include hydration, supplementation, whole foods, and finding out the amount of meals and macro nutrients needed for each individual client.

4. EXERCISE: We ask the client what type of activity she LOVES..and we make this a large part of her exercise world! What you LOVE will always create results because you crave to do it! This consistency definitely pays off. This can be anything from yard work to crossfit to ballet/hip hop classes. We also find small gaps that may be the ticket to getting the polished look that each client is looking for.

5. ACCOUNTABILITY: This is our THING! We love and value the high importance of group and 1:1 accountability. We also recognize each gal may be at a different mindset and SHIFT has the right accountability approach regarding where she is at in her journey towards her best self.

Our recent additions to the SHIFT team are Marco Albrecht and Shannon Bryan. These two gals have had their own journey in SHIFT and are now ready to share this movement with other women.

Marco Albrecht is a mother of two and wife to a competitive road biker. Marco has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years teaching pilates, pilates reformer, and PiYo classes in the Salt Lake valley. She loves creating a “tribe” of women to support one another in their paths towards their best self. She values confidence and self love as a priority in changing a body. We are so grateful to have Marco on our team. She is already leading a tribe of gals in her own SHIFT ACCOUNTABILITY CLUB. A 6 month program that involves momentum calls, 1:1 and group coaching support, meal plans, workouts, and amazing Marco motivation.

Shannon Bryan is a mother of SIX..yes I said six kiddos. 5 girls and 1 boy. Shannon grew up as a top competitive athlete in gymnastics and track. This girl can sprint like you have never seen before. Shannon has experienced what any mom would regarding how to get a workout in, how to eat correctly, how to incorporate health with her kids, and how to stay grounded thru this process. SHIFT lifestyle is her way of life and she is a beautiful example of how to do it! Shannon believes that everyone is an athlete at any phase, age, or condition. She promotes finding your inner athlete in every subject of life. Shannon is also up and going with her own SHIFT ACCOUNTABILITY CLUB We are so honored to have Shannon a part of our team.


The latest and greatest in the SHIFT world is the recent launch of the ACCOUNTABILITY CLUB! To get started with your own coach and like minded women, please comment below and we will get you going right away…when a woman is ready, she is ready.

So my question for you isARE YOU READY?

Chat soon SHIFT is never too late to be a Rockstar!

Luv the SHIFT team

Kristi, Marco, and Shannon

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