TRANSFORMATION STATION-Before, mid, & current pics!

IMG_2243Check her out! And you will not want to miss the facts to her journey below. I will leave her name confidential, but I will note that she has THREE children, a dog, a husband, and a BUSY life. When this gal first contacted me she truly had NO hope, stated she had tried everything, and her reality was that she could never have a fit body. Her belief was that she was the girl that worked hard at the gym yet she never can or will get results. This story is very common amongst women, I hear it right and left. Even in a fit town of Park City, Utah I hear women walking in to class saying the comments such as: “Hitting 40 is so hard”, “Having kids truly ruined my body”, and “I was diagnosed with a low metabolism and my body is what it is”.  These comments truly break my heart, I want to JUMP and do flips and kicks in front of them and say STOP-STOP THE VERBAL CRAZY ABUSE! That is so not right gals, our bodies are beautiful and clearly with this pic above…OUR BODIES CAN CHANGE! Let me repeat a common phrase I have used for years: ” YOUR BODY IS HERE TO WORK WITH YOU, NOT AGAINST YOU”.  Now that we are clear and have the SHIFT message explained, let’s check out her journey below.

1. She completed the SHIFT 10-wk total transformation challenge

2. First pic is before, middle pic is after 10 wks with a total weight loss of 20lbs

3. Right pic is 8wks later and is participating in the SHIFT accountability club

4. From middle pic to right pic she has dropped maybe 2 lbs..YEP I said, MAYBE 2 lbs

5. Her goal after the 10-wk challenge was to lose body fat, get her muscles to pop, and to feel confident in her bikini for Summer pool time.

6. Her confidence has definitely increased,  but currently questions if she is doing something wrong due to the small amnt of weight loss that has occurred.

7. She takes selfies EVERY week, lifts at least 4 days per week, eats at least 4 meals per day, drinks at least 3 liters of H2O per day, and she sticks to a clean protein/clean carb 85-90% of of her week.

8. She still drinks alcohol on a MINIMAL basis, and has cut out coffee.

9. Current supplements include: BCAA’s during her lifting sessions (branch chain amino acids), multivitamin, and fish oil.

10. She accomplished her first 5K at the end of the 10-wk challenge, even had a small knee injury, and she didn’t stop with her clean eating or lifting weights.

11. She does understand why the scale has not changed much (increased muscle mass), and after comparing pics she is in shock at the drastic changes her body has accomplished…aka body hope, happiness, and a deeper reason to continue moving forward to her goals.

HERE Is the deal…She has two choices she can make right now, and I want each of you to ZONE in on this information below:

1. This gal can easily say…the numbers on the scale are NOT moving much, therefore I am going to find something different or just let it go. She can easily hit a menstrual cycle, mess up on food, have a frustrating evening with kids/hub and let it whatever and say, at least I dropped 20lbs, I should be able to just do whatever I want now. She can EASILY step in to a mindset that she adopted in the past that stated “you work hard, but you still don’t have that body”.  These thoughts are real people, or may I rephrase and say, these thoughts CAN be real if we allow them to be true.  The question of the day is to ask what do I deserve to have, what do I deserve to feel in my body, and what are my next action steps to SHIFT my mindset to get exactly what I want and need”.

2. She can easily look at the PROOF and be proud of herself that she is CONSISTENT and takes selfies every week, turns them in to her SHIFT COACH, and that she knows her true goals: Continue dropping body fat and increase muscle volume in her body! It isn’t that the scale is invaluable for her, it is looking at what tools are her best to look at from highest to lowest priority.

Right now her BEST tools include:

  • Mindset empowerment (SHIFT momentum calls)
  • Pictures each week (front/side/back)
  • finding out her body fat %

Notice that even having knowledge of her body fat number is the last in order. Her pics and conversations with her coach are the Highest priority tools that will continue and speed up her progress. WHY? *Because having a coach will help her remember what she really wants and to keep her goals in perspective. *Having a coach helps you tweak, redefine, and shift things on a daily and weekly basis as needed. *Taking pics is the proof that things ARE working. Knowing your body fat helps you recognize..OH, so muscle does have a weight to it, and all I really care about now is that my lean body mass increases, and my body fat decreases, and then whatever number manifests on the scale is the bi-product of the other two numbers.

So as you can see gals, this girl could easily give up if she was on her own, not trusting in herself, and if she didn’t know her real goals (which is common, so many women THINK they know what they want but they have CLEARLY not written it out or verbalized it to a coach that can help them get there). But guess what? This girl is NOT giving up, she is clear with what she wants and she is real with her emotions. Even the other day on our coaching consult call, she stated “sometimes I wonder if I am just getting comfortable and maybe I am not trying hard enough”.  How nice that she could just verbalize that out there to someone. We chatted together regarding this emotion/thought process that she was experiencing and came to the conclusion that now this lifestyle is a lifelong habit and the motions of getting there don’t feel as hard of a struggle like they may have at the beginning. So YES she is trying hard, but practice does make perfect, and if a mess up comes, it is so fixable she clearly has a fast turn around time on the “fixing” aspect of things.

I hope each of you reading this recognize the IMPORTANCE in having a coach, taking pics (even though it feels soooo uncomfortable at the beginning), and knowing what you really want in your body. These steps create and KEEP that bod you deserve!

SHIFT accountability club takes you thru the steps to create this consistency in your body. We use the bodyshift toolkit for your meal plans, workouts, and we have a cool app called VOXER That helps us communicate with our clients 1:1, and momentum calls that interview SHIFT gals to follow their journey as well.

To get started NOW in your journey with a coach guiding you step by step , email us at:

DO NOT WAIT…as the more you wait, you will just keep waiting and waiting and waiting. Truth be told.


SHIFT your body- From losing weight to winning in life!


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