Are you Cardio Kray-Kray?

Do you ever feel confused with this word: C-A-R-D-I-O

I totally get the cardio kray-kray inner conversations that female minds entertain. Even if you don’t think you have these conversations, just take 2 min with me today and take a little self-survey to see if you are cardio kray-kray or not.

WHY even do this?

I know self diagnosis can be risky, words are powerful and what we think is what we manifest.

But I want to help YOU find your perfect cardio world that is fast, efficient, and of course… gets results.

Not just decent, A-OK results… I am talking about lean, fat melting, strong, sexy, and feminine results.

I know… you just want to fit in your skinny jeans with everything looking just right. I know fitting in jeans is not just about the look, it is about that inner confident “you” that when she feels her ideal self, she can be the best for others in her world.

I call this the “selfish win-win.”

It starts with feeling selfish….yet becomes a win win for everyone in your world.

We all know that you are happy, strong, determined, willing, and you add that extra feminine spice to the world when you slide those skinny jeans on with ease versus “oh please”.

A couple of questions for you:

  • When you complete cardio are you starving all day long?
  • Do you have to DRAG yourself on a machine and thumb thru your phone desperately trying to find something to motivate yourself to complete that long-dreaded cardio session?  
  • Do you feel like you MUST do cardio every single damn day to be a happy person?
  • Are you performing cardio at least 4x/week yet NOT dropping a single lb on the scale? 
  • Do you pound the pavement everyday so you can get your miles in and come 3pm you devour the kitchen from top to bottom?
  • Do you perform what I call “makeup cardio” every Mon and/or Sat morning? It is the same thing as makeup sex..yep, that is what I said. Aka….you eat way too much food and hop on a cardio machine for at least 1 hour the next morning to “makeup” for any damage done, HOPING it will wash out the damage done creating a hopeful caloric balance. Sorry babe, that strategy has not been proven to work.  

So let’s get honest girl, honesty is so powerful and always brings everlasting change…Did you relate with any of the scenarios above?

Have you related with any of the scenarios above possibly in the last 6 months?

If you have…great, I have a killer answer for you today!

If you absolutely said nope, I don’t relate with any of the scenarios above, hands down to you babe. You have your groove going and keep doing what you are doing.

If you want to hear more…keep reading and keep with me here. I have something amazing I want to share with you.

Alright, let’s just get to the point here: Cardio should not be this confusing.

In the past, I made cardio for myself and my clients super long, confusing, and way way overdone. Is there anything wrong with that?

No….because I think when we educate, perform, go extreme, or just “test” different methods, it is a form of wisdom, experience, and generally will help someone else in the future.

I came to conclusion about 8 months ago that I was so done with having cardio conversations with myself and with my clients. I could go on and on about this self discovery, but for now…I want to give you something that WORKS and hopefully will bring you peace and a valid answer to your cardio kray-kray.

Anytime I share something it MUST bring with it pure results that are proven to last. Proven to be more efficient, fun, sweaty, and doable for the rest of your life.

Will you do this for the rest of your life?

We don’t need to determined that right now, we are human and we crave change and innovation. I can promise you that this method sticks because it works, and guess what? This method I am going to share with you takes less than 15 min to get er done!


This is where I would love to do a booty dance with you to celebrate that 15 min can bring better results than 90 minutes of pounding the pavement.

Are you ready to try this with me?

Here are a couple of tips to get you started to ensure you get results with less than 15 min per day…sounds so unreal, it feels weird even typing it, but girl…I’m telling you, it is true.

I call this the FAT MELTING METHOD, keep reading below to get this method working for you and in your world like right now.


  • Watch my demo video of the 5 exercises you will perform at least 4x/week (see below)
  • Perform each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest in between each exercise
  • Perform each round 3 X equaling 15 min of pure fat burning
  • It does not matter what time of the day you do this, my only suggestion would be to not peform this workout on a stomach that is full of food, aka…empty stomach will feel best and create optimal results. NO..this does not have to be a fasted workout, just a well digested stomach. 
  • Have a good timer that does not turn off on you so you can time intervals accurately
  • Go ALL-IN with each 45 seconds. Go strong, hard, and end your 15 min looking like a hot-sweaty mess
  • Do as many reps as you can in the 45 second time frame (aka many reps as possible)
  • You can do this at home or outside on a work lunch break
  • Do this workout for 15 days to give it a chance and measure your results
  • For even better results, cut sugar, dairy, and gluten out of your life for just 7 days
  • Any questions regarding this method, exercises, support…anything, feel free to email me.

Alright, don’t wait… get started on burning fat IMMEDIATELY!

  • 45 second work : 15 second break X 3 rounds
  •  Complete this sequence 4-6x/day for at least 15 days on a digested stomach at any hour of the day
  1. Burpee tuck jump
  2. Sliding Mnt climbers
    (use paper towels or plates on hardwood floors)

  3. Burpee slide back: X
    (use paper towels or plates on hardwood floors)

  4. High plank pull thru’s
    (use paper towels or plates on hardwood floors)

  5. Burpee slide back: X+push-up

I love knowing that all you have to do is 15 min to get that hot body you deserve to live in.

If you want to learn more about melting fat… check out my latest release of my 12-week FAT MELTING METHOD PROGRAM a step by step program I coach you thru that I have all my clients start with. Currently we have gals on week 1 all the way up to week 8 and they are getting crazy kick-booty results!

We will chat soon, I am so obsessed with this format I will for sure be sharing more exercise ideas to keep your cardio kray-kray completely deleted from your world!

Welcome to the other side 🙂



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