Welcome To The Body Freedom Tele-Class Series!

How To Have The Body Freedom You Deserve... Once and For All

Welcome to the Body Freedom Tele-Class Series where you will be guided by Kristi Attaway in a 3 part training series through a tele-seminar with hundreds of women just like you, searching for more FREEDOM in your body.


How To Join Each Tele-Class

You can join one of two ways:

OPTION ONE: Join via Telephone

  • Call using any phone: 530-881-1212
  • Enter this meeting ID: 384-807-013
  • You'll automatically be entered and on the call
  • Please mute your phone as you join, as to eliminate background noise because Kristi may open the lines for questions on each call.

OPTION TWO: Join Via Computer Online

  • Join from your computer by clicking here: https://www.startmeeting.com/wall/384-807-013
  • Press "Join" button
  • On the next page fill out your name and email
  • Once filled in, click Submit.
  • The system will guide you through the process of getting the executable required to participate in the online meeting.
  • Please mute your microphone as you join, as to eliminate background noise because Kristi may open the lines for questions on each call.

***See The Class Schedule Below***

Your Host & Body Transformation Expert | Kristi Attaway

Kristi will be personally guiding you through a 3 part tele-class series guiding you step by step on exactly how to transform your body and have the 'Body Freedom' you deserve. She will be sharing everything she's has learned and practiced over the past 17 years of being a fitness, nutrition, and health expert. Besides being the founder and creator of multiple nationally known fitness and nutrition products, she's also is a Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, and the list goes on... Get ready for an amazing experience that will help you to truly find the Body Freedom you're seeking!

Just Added! A Special Guest Will Be Joining Us On Call Tele-Class #2, Thursday July 10th @ 6pm.

How To Set Yourself Up To Win In Your Body Year-round

Kristi will start off the tele-class series with the MOST IMPORTANT piece of having your dream body. You don't want to miss this, because this is exactly why 99% of women fail to get and keep their dream body year-round.

Tele-Class #1
Wed, July 9th
6pm MST/5pm PST

Your recorded call download is now available below!

How To Be A Nutrition & Workout Plan Rockstar!

Kristi will guide you step by step through her proven process of creating the easiest and most delicious meal plans with real food (almost 100% gluten free). She'll then show you her exact workout plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Plus we just added a special guest who will join us and show us her exact process of how she has created her own "body freedom".

Tele-Class #2
Thur, July 10th
6pm MST/5pm PST

Your recorded call download is now available below!

How To Speed Up Your Results Even FASTER

On this last but crucial call, Kristi will share exactly how to speed up your results with the most overlooked aspect of getting super fast results in your body.  It's also same exact technique she uses to keep her personal body ready for fitness and bikini modeling. This is a MUST attend class!

Tele-Class #3
Sat, July 12th
1pm MST/12pm PST

Your recorded call download is now available below!

Recordings of each tele-class will be posted here within 24hrs of the live the live call. Please email us at support@shiftmybody.com if you are having any trouble accessing recorded calls.

Access Past Recorded Calls Below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend all the classes live?

We encourage you to attend each class live because the nature of how Kristi will teach and randomly call out on people to ask questions and help you personally. However, if you absolutely cannot attend live, then you can return the following day after the latest call and find the .mp3 download on this page.  Be sure to listen to them all whether you can attend live or not. Each one builds upon the other and will give you the most value.

How long does each tele-class last?

Kristi will guide and teach on each call for approximately 30-45 minutes. Each call is packed full with only her best information that gets you results... no fluff and no wasting your time with useless information.

What if the call number or meeting ID isnt' working for me?

Please make sure you're calling this number: 530-881-1212 and using this Meeting ID: 384-807-013.  If it still doesn't work for you, please email us at support@shiftmybody.com and we will find a solution for you FAST.

Why are you offering this for free? (AKA: What's the catch?)

We totally get why you would ask this question. We would too with all the crazy gimmicks out there and frankly, there is NO CATCH.  Here's why we are offering this amazing tele-class series free... We love sharing the very best information for women to truly improve and have their best body and life.  We will be sharing 100% value and step by step info only.  Our hope is that if our methods sound like a good fit for you and you want more personal guidance and tools from us in the future that you'll know who to call 🙂

What will be included on each call?

Kristi will be sharing her very best strategies, tricks, and tips on every call. She's formulated each call to guide you step by step to gain Body Freedom fast! You'll also be given step by step checklists and worksheets for each call to help you develop your plan and visually see exactly how to get your dream body.