Before you cancel, please keep in mind you'll lose access to all of the following at the end of your current billing cycle:

  • Lose access to all the past and future workouts that are released weekly
  • Lose access to past and future delicious meal plans and recipes released monthly
  • No more access to member email support
  • No more motivation and accountability through the private Facebook group
  • No more Live Momentum Calls with Kristi

Hold Up Beautiful Babe! Read This First...

Hey ,

It's funny, if you're anything like many of our members who sign up for a membership (especially those that start with a free trial), you were probably thinking...

"I'll sign up for free and then cancel - what's the worst that could happen?"

Why not right?

Well, here's the big surprise the majority of our beautiful members find...

They end up staying and not cancelling - for years!

Why is that?

Well, listen to what one of our raving fan members had to say...

  • I signed up because it was free, but I thought I wouldn't be able to afford yet another subscription... I was totally wrong! I didn't understand this is so much more than online workouts, it's a community of women who want what I want - and support each other in meeting our goals!!... So I made room in my budget because I can't afford NOT to be part this! Thank you Shift My Body!
    Name Kristen Nickles Illinois

So... Before you decide to cancel your membership, we hope you'll do something different this time...





You got this... Here's where to start if you haven't yet:


We're here for you , just reach out and let us know how we can help you get more results from your membership and we'll do our very best to help you!


Text our team to help you get momentum right now: 801-528-3223


Here's how to cancel your Studio Shift membership:

IMPORTANT: HERE'S OUR INCREDIBLY CLEAR CANCELLATION POLICY...You MUST allow us 48hrs to cancel your membership as noted in our billing policy on our website here. If you cancel too late (less than 48hrs) then we cannot guarantee your card will not be charged and there are NO REFUNDS if you waited too long to cancel.

  1. Email: cancel@shiftmybody.com
  2. Subject line: Cancel my membership (or something similar to that)
  3. Let us know the following inside the email: First Name, Last Name, and Email on file - this way we can quickly look up your contact info and cancel your membership easily for you.

Once we've canceled your membership, you'll get a notification confirming it was successfully canceled.. and we'll miss having you!

BTW, you can always come back any time - just let us know you want to reactivate your membership and we'll take care of it for you quick and easy girl! 🙂