Welcome to Week 2 !

This week is all about finishing strong with your body cleanse allowing your body to build the healthiest metabolism it has yet to experience. When you work your body from the inside out, you will shed fat in a healthy way allowing you to maintain this weight versus struggling to keep it off after a 12-week timespan. You are taking time and effort to repair your mind, adrenals, liver, cellular function, and hormones. This inner re-pair is setting your body up to WIN creating your strong-lean-sexy self.

By now your sugar detox headaches should be gone and your energy levels have most likely skyrocketed. If you are still struggling with energy, don’t forget the most important habit when it comes to shedding fat, WATER. Make sure you have your perfect water bottle that allows you to get 4 liters of water in every day. That warm lemon water in the morning is continually allowing your liver to detox which in return gives back beautiful skin, energy, and a more efficient metabolism that allows you to shed more fat.

For further details, download your Meal Plan and Grocery List.

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