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I'll personally be guiding you through the holidays for 30 days wherever you’re at in the world... motivating and cheering you on, to help you slim down with all my holiday slimming tools and strategies I personally use, so you can have a happy, healthy, and amazing holiday with your family.

Aren’t you sooo excited to slim down for holidays?... I know I am!

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE having a successful holiday and new year with a clear goal, where I can focus on my family, my beliefs and values, and what I love most… and NOT eating all the sugar, cakes, donuts, and loads of carbs that’s shoved in my face for 30 days straight. That is a recipe for disaster!

Think of it this way…

You’re going to start the New Year with a new slim body and major momentum towards anything you want to achieve in 2018!

It’s time to take action and commit to a new you this holiday season! Just click below to save you a spot.

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Now, this is IMPORTANT:

This 30 Day Holiday Slimdown Challenge is deliberately very small so that I can personally help you get results and have the best holiday possible.

My goal for you is to end the challenge with a full heart, increased confidence, and a slim, sexy physique…completely ready to face the new year with enthusiasm and momentum!

In order to make sure that happens, I'm only working with 75 women during this challenge.

So when I say we’re in this together, I mean I’m doing this challenge with you and only a handful of other women 🙂

Here’s the Dates:

Start Date: Tuesday, December 26th

End Date: Friday, Jan 24th

The cost is just $67 to get EVERYTHING to help you succeed!

Btw, all the meals and recipes are both gluten and dairy free.

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P.S. Due to the limited space for this challenge, I expect it to fill up fast, so SIGN UP QUICKLY to reserve your spot, I can only help 75 women during this challenge.

Sign Up NowOnly $67 To Get Everything!

Here's Everything You Get With The Challenge

Checkout all the holiday goodies you get to slim down and feel amazing!

  • 30 Day Nutrition Plan

    30 Day Holiday Nutrition Plan with amazing recipes and desserts (Gluten and Dairy Free With Vegan Options)

  • 30 Day Holiday Fitness Plan

    A full fitness routine mapped out for you on a 30 day calendar. You don’t have to workout everyday, but you’ll be on a “move daily” plan.  Which means you’ll be at least walking daily for even just 10 minutes.

  • Exclusive Access To Private Facebook Group

    I’ll be coaching you weekly on Facebook Live and via email. You can ask questions and share results with the group. This community is amazing… you’ll love it!

  • Challenge Tracking Calendar

    We all love having a nice calendar to print out and track our progress. You’ll get a calendar to guide you and remind you on one small thing to do each day to make this holiday slimdown amazing!

  • Extra Delicious Holiday Dessert Recipes

    Don’t worry, I love dessert just like the next gal! So I’ve created some of my favorite holiday dessert recipes that our entire community raves about. Get ready to curb that sugar/carb craving, because these recipes will hit the spot!

  • Support from Like-minded Girlfriends!

    This is perhaps the most powerful part of the holiday challenge and any challenge I do. Our community of girls are so amazing, inspiring, and full of positive energy ready to serve each other. I encourage you to do this challenge with friends and family too! This always makes even easier when people close to you are striving similar goals.

Check out these Real Resluts Our Community

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the most frequently asked questions from about the 30 Day Holiday Slimdown Challenge

  • q-iconAre the recipes dairy and gluten free?

    Yes, yes they are! Everything is designed to help you reduce bloating and be absolutely delicious.

  • q-iconWhen does the challenge officially start?

    The challenge starts December 26th and goes through January 24th. If you start a few days late, don’t let that stop you! However, realize that we have limited spots available and it’s first come, first serve! So take action NOW.

  • q-iconWhat type of workouts will we be doing?

    I’ll be giving you a mix of workouts that can be done at any skill or fitness level. I have high intensity interval training (HIIT), weights and bands, general cardio, body weight exercises, arms and shoulders, abs, plus booty and legs.

  • q-iconWhat kind of results can I expect to see in 30 days?

    This question always opens a can of worms! First, I cannot and will not ever promise any results at all. I don’t know your body, your personal effort and discipline, and so much more that can dictate whether you slim down or get any of your desired results. However, I do promise you I’ve everything I know how to make this a fun, slimming challenge that always challenges your mindset and emotions during the holiday. My goal for you is based on what you really want… that could be dropping 5-10 lbs, that could be to maintain your weight but firm up your abs and arms… it could be several different things. Jump in and lets go!

  • q-iconHow does the accountability and community work?

    I’ll be coaching you via email and a private facebook group reserved for all challenge members, where you can ask questions and share results to keep yourself and others accountable. I’ll also be on facebook live with you weekly providing tips and motivation to keep you going and having a blast during the challenge.

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