[box] Three days straight of an intense immersion experience that allows you to to a have a laser focus on your body to heal, shed fat, increase your health, and gain extraordinary energy—and then balance it with 6 other crucial areas that lead to an extraordinary life of joy and fulfillment.

SHIFT Mastery is the ultimate breakthrough event that transforms everything—from your body, to your relationships, to your emotion—is right at your fingertips. The connection with other women, the passion, the energy, and the environment that will catapult you to a level that few women ever reach in their lifetime.

Created and refined by two leading experts and leaders in health, nutrition, fitness, emotion, and psychology training… that also happen to be husband and wife, Brent and Kristi Attaway have targeted The Seven Crucial Areas that allow women to live a life of complete joy and pleasure… or a life of struggle, misery, and pain. Discover how you can use these Seven Crucial Areas to empower your body and live your ultimate life when you dive deep into each area at SHIFT Mastery.

Admission to SHIFT Mastery is extremely limited. But if you’re accepted, you can expect to catapult your results and completely transform each area of your life![/box]

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This event is NOT a “fat camp” or weight loss program.  Instead, it’s three days of in depth training to help you define your strategies, get the right tools, and leave with a burning desire and motivation to catapult you to your best life. This event was made for you if:

  • You’re a woman who is ready for a major jump start in your body and life
  • You’re itching to know and master the best strategies to accelerate your results in your body, emotion, and 5 other crucial areas to a woman’s life
  • You’ve wasted thousands of dollars on quick fixes and have been trapped in the weight loss chaos trap
  • Whether you’re a current coaching client or have never been a client before, this event will transform your life

You’ll have exclusive access to all the best tools, strategies, resources and coaching:

  • Lead by Brent and Kristi Attaway as your personal coaches
  • Event training manual
  • All four seasons of the SHIFT Coaching Guide, which enables you to create a detailed action plan that will guide you day by day after the event to get consistent results
  • Access to SHIFT Member Hub, which is our secure online portal that gives you access to many more resources and tools for your journey to your ultimate body and life
  • Your room and board is completely included
  • Three of your meals daily are completely included.  And yes, of course they are the most delicious healthy meals you can image
  • You’ll get a live demo from Kristi on how to create and cook delicious and ultra healthy foods that will have you smiling with joy
  • You get a fully energized workout each morning with Kristi and Brent guiding you on how to get the best workouts for your preference and fitness levels

You’ll spend three solid days working one-on-one with our team to get your body fully aligned with the best strategies, develop an unstoppable emotional strength, enhance your ability to build strong and lasting relationships, plus so much more!

As a bonus, all attendees will receive:

  • Access to SHIFT’s exclusive online meal plan and workout library
  • 3 Months of FREE group Coaching either online or Locally (whichever is a better fit for you)

Find out the agenda, pricing, speakers, location, and more on our dedicated Mastery Event page HERE







Discover The 7 Crucial Areas Of A Women’s Life

body-Woman Walking [learn_more caption=”1. BODY”] It’s difficult to travel the road of life and actually enjoy the journey when your vehicle is out of shape, rusting, constantly breaking down, and sucks up all kinds of energy. Our bodies are that vehicle and they are the tools that allows us to live and feel energized. We must know how to implement the strategies that are not only proven to get results but are easy to learn and maintain without feeling overwhelmed and burned out. SHIFT Mastery dives deep into body and how to create the ultimate slim, healthy, and energized body.[/learn_more]
 Emotion - hands holding brain [learn_more caption=”2. EMOTION”] Emotion is the most powerful of all seven areas that effect a woman’s life (or a man’s life for that matter). Emotional strength, understanding, and knowing our perceived identity is truly in alignment with our current actions is crucial to being happy and fulfilled. To get straight to the point, when our emotion is off, EVERYTHING else is off… our body, our relationships, our marriage, our spirit. Emotional understanding and power is the greatest skill to master out of all seven areas.[/learn_more]
 Beauty - women in green [learn_more caption=”3. BEAUTY”] When a woman doesn’t feel beautiful on the outside and the inside, she goes about life not truly living her fullest. Knowing the few keys of creating a balance between masculine and feminine energy, you can begin to create a balance in your life that keeps you moving forward towards your goals while feeling absolutely slim, sexy, and even a little sassy ;)[/learn_more]
 Environment - Bedroom [learn_more caption=”4. ENVIRONMENT”] Besides our own Emotional strength, our environment is what influences us the most heavily at any given moment. What is your environment empowering you to do and become each day? How’s your home, your cars, your workplace? Do you know the key components that create massive creativity, focus, and alignment on a daily basis? Do you know how to create that environment for yourself and your family? SHIFT Mastery dives deep into these components so you know exactly how to create the most empowering environment.[/learn_more]
 Relationships-women eating together [learn_more caption=”5. RELATIONSHIPS”] Our relationships are what really make up immense joy or pain in our life. Our children, siblings, parents, friends, neighbors, and co-workers can be a great influence on us and our choices. How do you assure you are being a leader and influence those around you rather than be influenced? How do you become a person that loves unconditionally, where children, people, and strangers feel connected to you the moment you enter the room?[/learn_more]
 Companionship-young couple kissing [learn_more caption=”6. COMPANIONSHIP”] Companionship (AKA: marriage) is where one of the greatest sources of love can be created in your life. Both intimately and spiritually. Finding and having the ultimate companionship takes being an ultimate companion. Are you already married? Are you looking to get married? Have you been through divorce or multiple divorces? Understanding the power of having someone who is totally in love with you and you with them is one of the greatest powers we can experience as human beings. Are you ready to take your marriage to a whole new level?[/learn_more]
 Spirit-gal on dock in sunset [learn_more caption=”7. SPIRIT”] Spirit can be a sensitive topic for many women because the various beliefs religiously in our US culture. What does it mean to be spiritual? How do you know when your spirit is growing? What are some the best practices for you to strengthen and grow your spirit beyond anything you’ve ever experience? We’ll show you how at SHIFT Mastery.[/learn_more]


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