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New Fresh Workouts Weekly

Do you love keeping your workouts fresh and fun? We do too! 

Every week we update the membership with the newest streaming workouts in one easy to find place, so you can stay excited with the new fresh moves and routines designed to keep you motivated for more.

A Workout Platform That Loves You!

Follow Our Weekly Workout Schedule or Design Your Own Workouts Based on Categories

  • Warm up and Stretch: Foam rolling and full body stretch
  • Unique Fat-Melting Cardio: Hyper-focused, fat burning cardio workouts will keep your heart rate in the perfect fat burning zone and building lean muscle.
  • Exclusive Abs Training: Toning and tighten your core. Say goodbye belly!
  • Arms and shoulders: Your tanktops will thank you!
  • Booty & Legs: Because hot butts and legs are always in style :-)
  • Yoga: We believe in being calm and stretchy!
  • Barre Fusion: Get a taste of dance and sweat in one workout!

Fun and Challenging Workouts For Every Fitness Level

Every workout is designed for a women’s body to lift her booty, tone her arms, slim her waist, and feel like a true rockstar diva starring in her concert of life!  You'll find all the workouts to be both challenging and entertaining for every fitness level. The majority of workouts give you alternative movements that we call “modifiers” for easy, moderate, or difficult.





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