Week: May 21st

Week: May 14th

Week: April 23rd

Don't forget to report each #ShiftShabang to the Community - we highlight a new "ShiftShang-er" girl each week!

What’s a #ShiftShabang?

This is your daily ritual, and #ShiftShabang is how you "check-in" with our team and the community to say “I did it today... Shabang!”

Here’s the 5 things that qualifies you for a #ShiftShabang day:

  1. I drank 3+ liters of water today
  2. I set my daily intention (I wrote down my simple goal and focus for the day)
  3. I did at least 15 minutes of exercise (Sunday’s are freebies)
  4. I stuck to my meal plan (I didn’t snack outside of what I planned to eat today)
  5. I checked in with #shiftshabang in the community

Tip: If your schedule allows it, wake up early enough that you can drink your water, set your intention for the day, and sneak in a fat melting workout before the day begins. When you do this in the morning, it creates momentum for the rest of your day and you’re able to stick to your meal plan and water a lot easier.

You can use the Studio workout videos, fitness class, jog, brisk walk, or one of the 15-20 minutes. This will become a habit you look forward to daily, we promise.
Study after study reveals that people who follow a daily ritual have a more fulfilling and productive day and life! So, be sure to get your #ShiftShabang in every day!

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