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[box] You’ll see the option to submit your text, any pictures, and video testimonial below.  Please submit your text and video at minimum to give others the best experience in understanding what SHIFT has helped you with personally.

There are TWO options for submitting your video, you ONLY NEED TO CHOOSE ONE.

Option One: UPLOAD OPTION – If you cannot record right from your computer, then we suggest you pre-record a video and/or audio on your phone or preferred video device and and save it to your computer. Once it’s saved to your computer you can choose the UPLOAD option below and submit your video/audio.  You’ll see a list of video formats we can accept.  Most smart phones will record a decent video and have it in the correct format without you having to do anything ‘technical’.

Option Two (easiest option): ‘RECORD LIVE VIDEO’ FROM COMPUTER OPTION – If you have a web cam and a built in microphone in your computer, the easiest way is to choose the option to ‘Record Live Video’. This means you can skip the UPLOAD video option listed below and go straight to the RECORD option.[/box]


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