Have You Ever Wanted To Be Wonder Woman?
...or Maybe Super Girl?

Believe me, I can relate. My Name is Kristi Attaway and I'm Helping Create Super Women All Over The World... One Woman at a Time.

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The Life of a Girl Who's Always Thought She Could Do Anything

My goal is to add more value to your life than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools that you can immediately use to improve your body and life.


I’m here to make you slim, fit, sexy…and happy!

Before we go further, let’s redefine happy, shall we? Because the happy I’m talking about reaches far beyond being skinny and sexy… that’s a start though ;-).

Happy means unlocking your god given potential as a woman, nurturing your health and emotions, creating solid balance in your life, and using your unique talents to change the world.

I’m part body shift specialist, part insane business girl, and part inspirational but-kicker with a side of conquer the world craziness.

A born-n-raised Utah girl with nothing more than passion, a body and a dream... I’ve created multiple successful businesses that have helped change thousands of women’s lives through health, fitness, and passion for life.

Through a raging popular do-it-yourself fitness & nutrition program, thousands of subscribers from all over the nation, and a coaching program that’ll make your body smile so big, you’ll just want to walk around naked everywhere you go…

I help women dream the impossible and give them one-of-a-kind tools and strategies to create amazing results in their body and life.

I’ve been doing this my entire life, from the time I was a little girl dreaming of being a super hero…

I Believe In Being Unstoppable

Ever since I can remember, I've felt I'm more than just a physical body walking around waiting to die. I believe that I have the potential to be a Super Hero.  And I believe YOU DO TOO!

Being a Super Hero doesn't just mean you have to fly, climb walls, have super strength, or save lives from criminals. It means being unstoppable! It means that no matter what you do, you don't stop... you always keep moving forward. Obstacles are only signals to try another way, to develop a new skill, to gain more knowledge.

I Believe In Being Extreme

But here’s the kicker, my entire life I’ve had people telling me I’m TOO EXTREME, I’m obsessed, and I need to tone it down a notch. But… I keep pushing forward going after my passion and dreams because I now learned something about myself… I AM EXTREME… and I love it!

I believe “Extreme” is a word people use to describe the dedicated.

From the non-stop frenzy of being a USA cheerleader in college, to teaching group fitness at every major gym in Utah and Salt Lake county, being a Registered Nurse for over a decade, personal training hundreds of men and women of every shape, size, and color, consulting thousands in nutrition and fitness, I'm living proof that EXTREME is how to get things done… and get em’ done well.

I Believe In Being Fit, Healthy, and Sexy

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table of life if you want to thrive in this world of craziness. That includes your body, your personality, your spirituality, your sense of humor, your environment, your relationships, and your companionship with your favorite person on earth.

I also believe that BODY is THE greatest vehicle and the second greatest GIFT we’ve been given on the planet; Second to the GIFT of having the choice to make our own DECISIONS every single moment of every single day. And I believe everyone — from soccer moms to high-level executives, and both the 7 yr old to the 107 year old — needs to learn how to use those two great gifts.

I Believe In Helping Women Be Their BEST

I’m known to deliver the most creative and high quality body and life transformational tools and strategies on the planet.

That’s because my team and I care deeply about you and are committed to not only get you results, but make the process irresistibly fun.

Through my videos, products, programs, coaching, and live events, you’ll learn practical wisdom from me and my posse of experts in body and life.
Whenever I offer a new product or discover something absolutely yummy for the body and soul that I think you should know about, my subscribers get the inside scoop.

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